Surfshark VPN Review and Giveaway


A VPN is the best way to secure and protect your online activities.

Numerous countries have various restrictions on streaming services, varying from censorship to location restrictions that often affect travelers.

VPN encrypts your data connection. Thus, ISP, governments, hackers, NSA spies and other third parties are unable to monitor your accessed websites, downloaded files, used services such as Skype or P2P applications. Surfshark offers protection of your privacy online as well as prevention of third parties’ tracking and controlling your online communications as well as browsing activities.

With Surfshark you can connect to different VPN servers worldwide as well as ensure the privacy of your location.


Surfshark is the only VPN which is compatible with all platforms and allows unlimited devices for your whole family.



500+ online servers in 50 countries

Ever-expanding server network guarantees the fastest speeds.


Where Surfshark is located?

Surfshark is located and function under the jurisdiction of British Virgin Islands. As there is no obligatory data retention law

Features and Uses:

Control your online safety and freedom

Quick and easy to use VPN for the best online experience.

Unrestricted content:

Access, stream or download the best internet has to offer. Stream TV series, films, watch sporting events, listen to music on any platform.

Ultra-fast speed:


You won’t feel any difference in your internet speed. The latest security technologies are implemented to make Surfshark as fast as possible.



Protects privacy, blocks malware, trackers and ads. Enhanced browsing experience for your peace of mind.

Access your favorite online content:

Enjoy unlimited entertainment anywhere and anytime. You can access TV shows and movies, stream music, watch major sporting events and play games

Kill Switch:

Our safety net in case your connection is compromised, so your activities and sensitive data are never exposed.


The best way to hide your online activity with a double VPN chain.


Friendly Support:

Support team is available for you 24/7.

Diamond-strong protection:

We guard your personal data using industry-leading encryption.

Strict no logs policy:

Based in the British Virgin Islands – we don’t monitor, track or store your online activity.

Unlimited devices:

One account for you and your whole family.

Privacy over public WiFi:

Stay safe while traveling or dining out in the city

IP masking:

Surfshark masks your IP address, so it’s impossible to link it to your online activity via IP detection.

Zero-knowledge DNS:

Private DNS on every server leaves no cracks for potential security breaches.

Internet without borders:

We help to evade all efforts to control access to the free web.


Everything’s robust on the inside but as simple to use as turning on WiFi.


Installation on Windows Device:

Surfshark OpenVPN manual connection can be set up using OpenVPN GUI open-source application. Download link: Simply install the OpenVPN GUI then download configuration files from here

Finally; extract the configuration files to this directory: C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config. That’s all!

Now, to start VPN just right-click the OpenVPN GUI icon, drag your mouse on one of the servers and click to connect then login using your credentials


Installation on smart phones:

The installation on Android follow similar steps, please see illustrated steps here:

To understand how to install the application on iPhone, see the illustrated guide here:


How to set up a router with Surfshark?

Add extension to chrome:


You can add extensions to your browser from this link:

then click Add to Chrome button.

Add to Firefox:

Use this link to add the extension:

Start using Surfshark in 3 easy steps

Download & install:Get Surfshark and easily install the file.

Create account or login

Connect: Choose a location and press ‘Connect’.


IP addresses:

When you connect using “Optimal location” option, you are given an IP address of the server that is the closest and has the lowest load to ensure the best performance and speed. Each country has many IP addresses so that if you connect to the same country you may have different IP address

How to set custom DNS addresses on a Windows device?

Pricing Plans:


Purchase Link:

What are the benefits and advantages you get after purchase?

Strict no logs policy: What you do online stays only between you and your device.
Simplicity: Everything’s robust on the inside but as simple to use as turning on WiFi.
Unlimited devices: One account for you and your whole family.
Surfshark offers an unlimited amount of simultaneous connections.
Diamond-strong protection: We guard your personal data using industry-leading encryption.
Unlimited and fast content delivery
Uncompromised security and privacy
24/7 customer service
Enterprise-grade infrastructure and reliability


Support all platforms
Unlimited number of devices
Many servers
Good support team
Simple use
Good protection and safety


No free trial available
Setup needs tutorial


Surfshark is a fast VPN solution that will hide your IP address, keep your anonymity and protect your online activities




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