Cyberlink Screen Recorder 3 Deluxe


The All-in-One Solution for Streaming, Recording and Editing Captured Gameplay Footage

Screen Recorder 3 delivers high-performance, high-quality screen casting and capturing that boasts an easy, intuitive user experience for gamers and streamers. It provides an unique sets of features, providing gamers an easy-to-use solution to stream and record their gameplay.
Screen Recorder 3 has a user-friendly interface and go-to solution for gamers, streamers, YouTubers, vloggers and instructors to stream, record and edit captured screen content from their televisions, desktops and laptops.
Using a PC or console connected to an HDMI capture card, gamers can directly livestream to Twitch, YouTube and Facebook in up to 4K Ultra HD quality, as well as record video to be edited and uploaded later. As CPU and GPU processing power is vital for maintaining smooth gameplay, gamers need a capturing solution that doesn’t add strain to overall performance, making Screen Recorder 3 an obvious choice.


For Gamers & Streamers: Stream your gameplay from PC or console to the world on Twitch, YouTube or Facebook.

For YouTubers & Vloggers: Record, edit & create gameplay videos with easy-to-use editing tools.

For Tutors & Instructors: Livecasting & screen capture for work or education. Perfect for presentations & course material.

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Cyberlink Screen Recorder 3 Deluxe


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