Mailbird Professional Review & Giveaway (10 Lifetime Licenses)

Mailbird is more than just another email client. Unlike most of the competition, Mailbird is designed to change the way you manage your email, scheduling, tasks, communications, and beyond. However, it doesn’t require you to sign up for a bunch of new accounts and services. Instead, Mailbird lets you bring all your accounts onto one amazing looking platform where you can do everything in one place.





Size:  61.7 Mb

System Requirements: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10

Purchase and activation:

Which email client should you use?

If you are planning to use a desktop client for your emails and contacts, you will find many apps. How will you select the best one suitable for you? Fortunately, there is a list of questions to ask yourself to narrow your search. These include:

Is the interface simple, clean, and intuitive?

Does the email client support multiple email addresses from different providers?

Can you integrate with other apps, such as Google Calendar or social media platforms?

How much storage space do you get?

What is the set-up process like?

Now let’s discuss the main features of Mailbird:

Your Inbox. Your Tasks. Together:

With Mailbird and, you can now link your emails and their tasks directly. Simply drag your

 emails into your daily task list. By helping you organize your tasks and messages easily and conveniently, & Mailbird ensures you get to inbox zero in no time!

When you are ready to work on a task, just select it, and the Mailbird email client opens any related emails for you.

Productivity. Scheduling. Everything:

Mailbird is more than just an email client. It’s an amazing tool where all the apps and tools you already use to communicate, plan, and more can work together.

Try the Google Calendar to easily schedule your meetings and combine multiple calendars. The WhatsApp instant messaging app allows you to stay connected with your business partners, friends, and family easily via Mailbird.

Veeting Rooms app is amazing for business meetings. When you need Swiss hosted secure and encrypted peer-to-peer connection. Includes secure p2p video, chat, whiteboard, and document sharing.

Whatsapp & Email. Side by side:

With your WhatsApp stream running in your Mailbird email client, you can easily communicate with people via email and instant messaging at the same time.

Drag and drop attachments from your emails into Whatsapp to easily share photos, videos, and documents.

You can also sync with your devices (Android, Ios)

Create your own layout:

Mailbird includes multiple unique layouts to match your style and how you work. Take a look. Hover over a layout to see a preview.

Make Mailbird yours:

Choose from tons of free color themes. Transform your Mailbird email client into a work of art.

Swipe through your inbox:

Use your touch screen to directly archive and scroll through your messages.

Multilanguage Support:

New Contacts Manager with Sync:

The absolute unified, beautiful and synced Contact Management tool that practically manages itself:

This feature is ridiculously awesome and deserves a full write up. This is a very useful feature built for email users worldwide, to make their lives better with the most critical contacts that keep our personal and business connections thriving.

Contacts Linking across ALL accounts:  Yes, that means you will be able to link all of your contacts from your Gmail and Outlook email accounts into one unified contact. Why is that great? Because, you will be able to edit the linked contacts and they will be synced in both accounts. You can also copy a contact from one account to another using the simple drag & drop feature, just to mention 2 advantages. This way you can keep everything clean and organized with just a few clicks and in one place.

Yes, there are other clients out there that can link Contacts, mailbird eliminates any limitation that these other clients are usually facing.

Creating and managing groups is very easy and sending them emails even more simple.

It wouldn’t be a Mailbird feature if it is not beautiful and super intuitive. The NEW Contacts Manager will be very easy to use for anyone. Coping or moving contacts to other accounts or how you can copy a contact and it automatically links allowing you to edit both copies as one, has Mailbird written all over it.

To use the new contact manager, the process is very easy. Simply click the Contacts icon that appeared in the left side menu panel and start connecting. Below are some highlights of the cool things baked into the best Contact Manager ever in Mailbird!

The new contact feature will let you enjoy the following:

Seamless Gmail & Outlook contact sync Connect all your accounts in just one click.

Great contact view: Edit your contacts in multiple fields, assign profile photos/avatars, add important notes.

Easy groups management: Create groups, move and label your contacts.

Powerful link and merge: Say goodbye to duplicates keeping your contacts clean, organized and finally unified.

See how Mailbird compares to other popular email clients:

Features that make Mailbird the best email client for you:


Inbox is your private space and customizing it enhances your experience especially when you have to spend a lot of time in it. You can customize your account icons, text formatting for better writing experience, conversation view for visual clarity, zoom adjusts the default font size to just the way you like it, pick your in-line reply color to flawlessly format email replies,  customize your email signature for every email account, create your own quick email compose shortcut, multi-language support, and Mailbird apps such as Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, WhatsApp, Contacts Manager, Asana, Google Docs, Calendar, Veeting and more.

Conversations view (turned on and off):

Account Icon:

Integrated apps:

Text formatting:


There has never been a mail program this optimized for speed. Quick compose and response to cut down on emailing time inline action bar. You can easily Group all email accounts in one with Unified Inbox Plus. No more switching between different email accounts. Many supported features are available such as keyboard shortcuts, in-line reply to better organize your replies, quick email compose shortcut, multi-account support for IMAP and POP3 accounts, first email speed reader, drag and drop files as attachments.

In addition; other features include organize your emails with Folder/Label support, quick preview of attachments, profile picture search, in-line action bar to take quick actions, keep your inbox clean and organized with Snooze, advance touch support for touchscreen devices

Action bar:


Attachment quick Preview:



This is a very important feature to keep the users’ security and privacy. Mailbird was developed to never scan the content of your inbox or other personal information. When you use Mailbird be rest assured that your messages and content are for your eyes only.


In the digital age when you need to be connected all the time, Mailbird makes it simpler for you by adding third party apps that you can use directly inside Mailbird. It even helps you develop your professional network by integrating a one click ‘LinkedIn Lookup’ feature.

For example; Facebook, Twitter, Lifehacker, LinkedIn Lookup and so on


There is no other email company that will give you this much time and attention. If you have any problem or new idea you can send to the support team

Unified Inbox:

All of your accounts will populate in one unified inbox. This feature is an absolute must for people that are managing multiple email accounts.

You can easily customize the look of the platform you want. You can manipulate the background image, message sound, theme color, welcome messages, choose a vertical or horizontal layout, and even activate a dark mode!

In order to be fully happy with an app, you need to be able to integrate a variety of other applications. Luckily, Mailbird has many popular app integrations. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter, Google Cal and Google Drive, as well as communication apps such as WhatsApp and WeChat are all available integrations for your convenience. This is only a small list–there are many more to explore!

Inline Reply:

This is a built-in feature which offers the most efficient way to draft an email response if you need to respond to different parts of an email message. For example, if you receive an email with five different questions to you in bullet point form. It also lets you type out your responses underneath each bulleted question. The problem is that replying inline can get confusing. Your responses can blend into and get lost in the original email. This issue is particularly problematic if you have an email chain going and multiple people are replying inline in their responses. With Mailbird’s twist on Inline Reply, it’s easy to color-code your inline responses and tag them with your name. You can use Mailbird to customize the color in which your inline responses will appear.

Quick Compose Shortcut:

You are in the middle of a project at work when you remember that you need to send THAT certain email to someone. Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to stop what you’re doing and open your email client or direct your browser to your preferred webmail site in order to draft an email? With Mailbird, you can use a Quick Compose keyboard combination to bring up a compose window and quickly type up an email. The process is quicker and allows you to get back to the project at hand much more swiftly. By default, the keyboard combination is ctrl + alt + space, but you customize the combination to be something else if you prefer

Keyboard Shortcuts:

Google Calendar Integration:

Do you use apps like Evernote and Asana to keep track of your projects and track the productivity of your teams? Mailbird can integrate with those and much more. These integration features drastically expand your arsenal of email tools. You can simply activate the apps of your choice in your Mailbird Appstore.


If you receive emails that you don’t want to deal with right now (but also don’t want to forget about), you can “Snooze” them like you would snooze an alarm clock. All you have to do is to set a time for Mailbird to remind you about the email

Undo send:

After you send a message in Mailbird, you will see a “Sending messages” dialogue box with an “Undo” link. If you realize that you made a mistake, you can click the “Undo” button to prevent the email from landing in the recipient’s inbox

Veeting Rooms:

This is a virtual meeting environment that enables you to have a professional (virtual) business meeting right from within Mailbird. And of course, just like a “real-life” business meeting, no unauthorised person will be able to listen to your important business topics. All audio and video communication is end-to-end encrypted between the Veeting participants. You will enjoy a 6 months free trial with your mailbird app

Now let’s discuss why not to simply use web mail?








All emails in one place


Unified inbox

Task apps included

Support apps as facebook, twitter, whatsapp

fast and effective

Support touch devices

Integrated calendar apps

And many more

Cons: expensive and need some experience to use


Mailbird is the fastest, easiest, and most productive email client that will help you and save your time. It will offer you the tools to manage your inboxes, and keep track of your email at any time. It support multiple accounts use, integrated calendar use, new contact manager and built in apps as facebook, twitter, whatsapp. In addition, there are task manager apps that are integrated to make your life easier. The program supports touch devices.



Giveaway details:

Number of licenses: 10

Value of license: $45.00

Validity of license: Lifetime

Giveaway end date: December 31st, 2017

Winner selection:

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