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Did you experience the problem of running out of disk space? you will need to enlarge the disk capacity through adding extra space.
Most of your space is occupied by junk files, temporary internet file in addition to the duplicate folders and files. To increase the space available on your hard drive you need to delete the duplicate files and folders. There are two ways to remove duplicate files; either manual or using programs such as Duplicate File Finder Plus.

Now, do you think it will be easy to remove these duplicates manually using file name, file size, or date modified? The answer is of course not. The program uses unique technology to apply a high-speed file comparison algorithm so that it helps you to quickly find the true duplicate files on your drives relied on file contents. You can easily remove the unwanted files as you expect to recover your valuable disk space, reduce management costs. This will help you and avoid unnecessary confusion.

If any duplicates are present on your hard drive, Duplicate File Finder Plus will show you a list with the results in a separate window with an upper toolbar or context menu that offer you many options to select from. You can open any file, send files to the recycle bin, remove them, move to folder and many other actions. The program has no preview option which helps you when working with image files.

Duplicate File Finder Plus is easy to use, fast and lets you scan the whole computer or some drives



Download link:


Current version: 9
Release date: September 28, 2017
Size: 617 Kb


System Requirements:

Duplicate File Finder Plus is compatible with all windows versions from windows 7 to 10, both 32 and 64 bit versions are supported


Many purchase options are available for users to choose the license suitable for your needs. The price is reasonable




Comparing File Contents with 100% Accurate Result
Very Fast: High-speed Comparison Algorithm
Smart Selection: Automatically Checks the Unwanted Files
Very Easy to Use, Only Need 1 Click to Get Result
Flexible Sources: Drives, Folders, Files, Sizes and Types
Reusable Result: Save and Load the Duplicate Files Listing
Helpful Options: Smart Selection, Comparing Algorithm, Sub Folders…
Invert Checks: Operating the Result Easily
Sorts Result by Size in Descending, Colored Groups


Please note: Single license (1 PC) (lifetime license WITHOUT upgrades) is included in this version. Click Here to get a very GIG DISCOUNT price for other licenses with lifetime upgrades during the promotion

The giveaway license here:

Duplicate File Finder Plus


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