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Antamedia HotSpot Software


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HotSpot software was built with your needs and concerns in mind by Antamedia; a company of business specialists to let you manage your own WiFi with any PC. Redirect users to login with an account, social network, PMS room/name or pay for access. Collect data and send automatic promo emails.





1. Control Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones: Easily configure the number of free or paid user devices that can access the Internet.maximum users vary according to your license.

2. Manage Bandwidth, Download and Upload: Easily manage your bandwidth by configuring the download and upload speed of each customer’s account so you can save more bandwidth for VIP customers.

3. Customize Login Pages for WiFi Locations: Customize and brand login pages with logo, colors, theme. Provide free HotSpot service in the lobby and charge Internet in the rooms. Create retailer pages in shopping malls or Facebook like for restaurants and cafes.

4. Use Your Own WiFi Hardware: works as a gateway with any hardware. You just have to route all devices through hotspot server running our software.

5. No Client Software Installation: Control wired and wireless computers, smartphones and tablets without any client software installation.HotSpot software works with any device operating system and Internet browser.

6. Keep 100% of Your Profit: Order a lifetime license ;One-Time Charge. Install software on your own server and get in control over you WiFi. Offer free WiFi or collect payment with one of the 70+ payment gateways.

7. Use Hotspot software as a cloud solution: HotSpot can run on a Cloud server and communicate with remotely connected routers using their own Internet links. Premium and Enterprise editions includes Remote router licenses for your consideration, which can be extended to any number of locations and simultaneous users.

8. Track and filter specific URLs.

9. Complete List Of Features according to Edition:

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Latest Version: V5.1.2

Hotspot software V5 New Features and Performance Improvements

Significantly improved software performance

New drivers for higher speeds

Customer satisfaction surveys

Provide coupons for completed surveys

Improve rank on TripAdvisor, Yelp etc

More than 50 new HotSpot themes

Access Point & Device Monitoring

Automatic Emails for marketing

Automatic reports sent to Email

Speed boost for off-peak hours

Oracle Suite8 PMS and Opera PMS

Auto login popup on user devices

PayPal update to support TLS certificates

Internet plans per location

Decrease speed for expired users

Radius for Cloud connected routers

UAM Cloud support: Ruckus, DDWRT…

Over 100 new improvements



Recommended Hardware

For maximum performance and stability, please use two network cards model: Intel PRO /1000 PT SERVER ADAPTER PCI-E (EXPI9400PTBLK). 

For ultimate performance: Server OS (like 2012, 2008R2) and RRAS and DHCP roles configured within the OS.



Installation & Usage

Regular Windows Installation

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Simple Interface with Great Features & Control

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[Image: vNzz1xv.jpg]


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1. Easy Usage.

2. Track and filter specific URLs.

3. Cloud Hotspot.

4. Complete Control of Bandwidth.

5. HotSpot themes.

6. Work on Any Hardware.

7. MAC Blocker.

8. Lifetime License with upgrade ability to any edition with special discount

9. Live, Email & Phone Support

Cons. None

Antamedia Hotspot Software lets you control own hotspot in a professional way with potent and great efficacy with minimal effort.


(1st On All The Web)


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