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Ever ran into one of these problems?

You want to check out an app, but your device is not officially supported.
After flashing a custom ROM, you no longer have Google Play available on your phone.
You updated an app, but the new version causes nothing but trouble and you want to go back to the previous version.
You are not satisfied with Google’s privacy policy and would rather download apps without hooking your phone up to Google.
You want to check out apps without them cluttering up your “My Apps” list and potentially influencing app suggestions.
You don’t have unlimited bandwidth at your disposal but want to install an app on multiple devices in your household.

Raccoon is an easy to use APK downloader, that allows you to download Android apps from Google Play and cache them to your desktop computer. You can maintain as many caches as you like (for example one per Google Account or one per device you own). Each cache is able to hold apps in multiple versions.





Size: 7.89 Mb (Windows Installer)

System Requirements and Installation:

The Raccoon APK downloader is currently available for: Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X

The software comes as a single binary executable and requires the Java 6 runtime or later. If Java is already installed on your computer, you can simply start the application without any additional downloads.

Usage instructions:

Install Java (java.com). racoon.jar should now be executeable, start it like any other program. Now, enter your loginname and password (prefererably from a throw away account). Then type “Onyxbits” into the textfield. You should now see a list of all my apps. Maybe download “List My Apps”. you will get an APK file, transfer that to your phone by whatever means suit you (e.g. copy via USB cable). Enable “Unknown Sources” on your device to install the APK


Feature list:

Raccoon is primarily a Google Play client for downloading Android apps. But it’s feature set extends way beyond that.

Google Play Access:

Download free and paid apps.
Download apps larger than 50MB.
Download older app versions.
Optionally connect via proxy.
Bypass device and country restrictions.

App Management:

Raccoon doesn’t litter APK files all over your hard drive!

Keep your app collection in one place
Download updates when it is convenient.
Organize apps into groups

ADB integration
With the Android SDK installed, Raccoon offers a convenient frontend for the ADB tool, allowing you to:

Directly install apps from within Raccoon
Take screenshots
Push urls to the phone’s webbrowser.

Integrated webserver
Raccoon comes with an integrated, zero-config webserver. With a QR code scanner app you can:

Download apps to your device.
Download arbitrary files to your device
Copy arbitrary text over to your device.


Why You need to use Raccoon?

Raccoon serves many use case scenarios, likely yours as well! Below are the top three arguments.

Your privacy matters!
Once you hook up your phone with a Google account, things will start to happen, you’d rather not want to be told about. In a nutshell Google monitors your every activity and collects more material than a two-bit gumshoe on a divorce case.

Your bandwidth matters!
Smartphones are all about apps. You download them, you try them out. Some become your daily drivers, others are just fun once in a while, and eventually your collection grows too big to fit entirely on the phone and you start swapping. With Raccoon, swapping is fast and painless. All your apps are backed up on your PC, so you’ll never have to download them again.

Your safety matters!
Unlike APK mirror websites, Raccoon guarantees that you will always get the original APK file of the most recent version of the app you are looking for. There is no man in the middle, you’d have to trust.

Your choice matters!
Raccoon is all about putting you in control over your phone:
Bypass region locks
Download incompatible apps
Roll back troublesome updates
Inspect apps for shady behavior

What is NEW in the current version 4.1.4?

Mandatory update. Fixes what v4.1.3 didn’t.
Premium keys bought for v4.0.x remain valid and will carry over automatically. No user action is required.
BUGFIXES: Downloading (free) apps should work again, no workaround required.

For all changes visit here:

Now, let’s see what are the Premium Features you will get with your subscription:

In addition to updates that keep the software serviceable, premium users also get these paid features:

Manage multiple profiles:
Raccoon has to mimic an Android device in order to get service from Google Play. Unfortunately, the Android market is very fragmented and Play will never allow a device to download apps, it is not compatible with. Premium users get to configure multiple device profiles and switch between them at their leisure.

Internal Webserver:
Raccoon comes with a build-in webserver that allows you to easily download apps and other files to your device via WLAN.

App Management:
Raccoon is not just an APK downloader, but also the place to keep all your apps, whether they come from Google Play or alternative markets such as Humble Bundle.

Direct app installation via ADB

Send links to your device’s webbrowser:
Raccoon can send URLs from your clipboard via USB to your device. No receiving app required!

Text Transfer:
Everyone has this problem once in a while: you got this text snippet on your desktop PC that you need on your smartphone. Sure, you could email it to yourself, or you could simply use Raccoon’s general purpose QR Tool to just copy it over.


Extract APKs
Ever wanted to see what’s inside of an APK file? Maybe extract the soundtrack of a game? Premium users can do exactly that!

Full Details can be found here:


Once unlocked, premium features carry over between versions! Your investment stays with you on upgrades, so ORDER NOW

Now Let’s discuss in short How can you use the program to search, download and install apps to your device:

Searching and downloading apps

Searching Android apps with Raccoon works exactly like searching apps with the Play app or via the Play website: simply type whatever you are looking for in the search box. More search results are automatically loaded when you scroll down.

Installing apps on your Android device
Once an APK file is downloaded to your desktop PC, it needs to be transferred over to your Android device for installation. You have three choices for doing so, each method having it’s own merrits:

Via USB cable, using the ADB tool
Via WLAN by scanning a QR code
Using the ADB (Android Debug Bridge) Tool offers the most comfort and should be the method of choice since it also offers other benefits.

Your Google Account – Staying safe

Google Play does not allow anonymous access. A valid Google Account is required for every operation, even for downloading free apps. You are strongly advised to register a fresh account exclusively for using with Raccoon.



It is an open source,easy to use Google Play desktop client / APK downloader for downloading Android apps on Windows, Mac OS and Linux PCs.

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