ibVPN Ultimate Review & Giveaway

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VPN is an encrypted tunnel between your android device and a server. Using a VPN gives your device a new IP address and hides your real IP, to make you anonymous to all websites and web apps. Thus, having a VPN allows you to surf the web safely and anonymously.

The need for increased security on Internet is getting higher and higher. This is how VPN services appeared. A VPN service (Virtual Private Network) is a computer network aiming to:

– create a private scope of computer communications
– provide a secure extension of a private network into an insecure network such as the Internet.

ibVPN (Invisible Browsing VPN) allow you to unblock Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, BBC Iplayer and other geo restricted websites. Also, it keeps you safe from 3rd party tracking that can affect your personal data, online security and privacy.


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– No Logs

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– 256 bit encryption algorithms.

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– Support most of the device

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– Fast auto reconnect

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– Kill Switch

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– Protocols

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* The application used for this review was the Window 7 app.

Download the application here:

For Window: https://download.ibvp.net/AIO_2.x/ibVPN-AIO-Setup.exe

For Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/detai…ient&hl=en

For iTune: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ibvpn-vp…87744?mt=8

Complete download link for all device available here: https://www.ibvpn.com/billing/downloads.php

Application Interface

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As you can see from the interface, you can easily enable or disable the Kill Switch and DNS option with just a click of a button.

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Simply double click on a server from the available list and you will be connected to the respective server.

Here are the list of available server to choose from

[Image: Z40IAJf.png]

[Image: j79rEWK.png]

By clicking on the protocol tab you will be able to select/change your preferred protocol easily. Each protocol is with their own description so that even user with little to no experience with VPN able to understand the difference and usage of each protocols.

[Image: LH2Xku8.png]

In the setting menu, user able to set the behavior of the application according to own needs.

[Image: UZlSySo.png]

ibDNS tab allow user to configure which server for the service. You can find more information about ibDNS below:

[Image: Aj57WRO.png]

[Image: uVXM1Ti.png]

The support tab allow user to easily access the FAQ and tutorial section while the update icon allow user to check the change-log and also if the application is up-to-date. You can also open support ticket and also email the developer from the contact button.

Server speed

Here is the speed obtained from speedtest with the recommended and fastest server from my location (Singapore).

Here is the speedtest result with my original connection.

[Image: rZPAAWT.png]

This is the speedtest with ibVPN Singapore (recommended server) server.

[Image: 9kMCoIC.png]

Note that the download speed doesn’t alter that much but surprisingly, the connection and upload speed increased significantly by almost more 10 MB/s and also the rating increase from 3 star to 4 star.


There are 4 different package to choose from which is the Ultimate VPN, Standard VPN, Torrent VPN and lastly ibVPN/DNS.

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[Image: Bu9Sukq.png]

For full plan comparison, please refer to the page here

ibVPN offers a trial account for new user who would like to try out the service without credit card and obligation.

Benefits of ibVPN’s 

– Offer free trial account
– Excellent and fast service from support
– Easy to use and user-friendly application for various different devices even for new user with complete no experience.
– Flexible and different type VPN plan offered to fit user needs.
– Over 100 server from 47 different country to choose from.
– 256 bit data encryption to secure your information and privacy.
– Doesn’t store log.

ibVPN provides one of the most competitive in term of price and server speed in the market. User can purchase a plan according to their own needs such as for torrent user and etc. With their fast server, user will be able to enjoy their online activity in peace and security.

Thanks to Eli of ibVPN, we are able to offer 5 Ultimate plan accounts each good for 6 months for our readers as part of our 2nd Anniversary Celebration.

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ibVPN Giveaway

Good Luck for all!