Cienen Shared IP VPN (Time Limited Giveaway)

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Cienen VPN connection is an attractive option for people concerned about their security and privacy. It is not a web proxy, it is much more advanced. You will receive a username and password for connecting to server and you will connect and use internet like a United States, United Kingdom, Canada or Netherlands citizen. Use our high speed VPN connection and surf internet much better. Your main IP will be hide and your connection will be anonymous. is renowned for it’s quality of service, providing VPN services to literally thousands of users wherever they are situated, enjoying trouble free internet access since 2006. Through our high speed servers and our advanced network infrastructure, is the TOP VPN provider that guarantees completely unrestricted access to internet without experiencing even buffering problems in streaming videos. Nobody else can guarantee such VPN access with 99.99% uptime. We have experience and we know what you expect from a VPN provider.

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– Shared IP VPN
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– Dedicated IP VPN
[Image: uIF41mm2TUKX6sw-5ssBSw.png]– MikroTik Router
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The Giveaway

Special thanks to Mr.Michael which make this giveaway campaign possible. We were to offer one month Cienen Shared IP VPN plan worth $9.95 exclusively for Promo2Day visitors! Promotion will be run for 1 week.

Giveaway Details:

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1. Giveaway Duration: 1 week

2. Number of Licenses: Unlimited

3. Validity of Each License:  1 month subscription

4. Value of each License:  $9.95 each

Giveaway Instruction:

1. Go to the pricing page here
2. Select and order the Shared IP VPN plan
3. In the billing cycle make sure the 1 month $9.95 plan was selected and click on continue
4. Fill in your information detail and apply the coupon code provided below.


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