iCare Data Recovery Pro Review and Giveaway


Have you experienced crash of your computer or format or accidentally deleted files? Have you ever had this bad experience to lose your data, documents, images and at the same time you have no backup copy?

What will you do to restore your data? Of course you are trying to search for any hope or solution to restore lost files important for you. You are here in the right place for this situation. Your important data are not permanently lost as you imagine. iCare Data Recovery Software can recover any deleted file, including documents, photos, mp3 and zip files. It can also restore folders and damaged disks. It will help you if there is a system error (for example bad boot sector, bad MBR, Virus and so on) or human errors (for example format partition by mistake). Also if there is some software errors (for example merging partition failure) you will need it.  It supports any type of storage media (for example music sticks, cameras, flash drives, and so on).  You will not lose important files with this important program



System Requirements:

Operating system: the program is compatible with any windows version from windows 2000 to windows 10 both 32 and 64 bit

RAM: at least 128 MB

Disk space: the minimum of the space is 32 MB


You can easily download the installer from the homepage. Or more easily use this direct link:




Installation is very easy and doesn’t require any skills. In a few clicks the program will be installed on your computer and ready for work. It is recommended that you not download nor install it on the drive where you lost data. Any local or removable discs are supported.

Please use trial before purchase to evaluate whether the software would work for your case! Trial allows 20MB free file recovery for evaluation.

Activation and Registration:

The unregistered version has limited functionality. You cannot recover files exceeding 32kB in size. This version will let you test the program and see its features. After registration you will receive a registration key that will take away all the limitations and will allow you to save files of any size. Finally, you need to reboot and run as admin.

You will need to purchase an original license which can be don easily here:


User Interface:

The main window shows three recovery modules. These include deleted file recovery, deep scan recovery and lost partition recovery.  You may select one recovery according to your own data loss case to restore files.


  • Supported file systems: FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS (NT 4), NTFS5 (2000, XP).
  • Supported hidden file systems: Hidden FAT12, Hidden FAT16, Hidden FAT32, Hidden NTFS
  • Recovers compressed files (NTFS, NTFS5).
  • Recovers encrypted files (NTFS5).
  • Ignores file access rights (NTFS)
  • Saves folders with subfolders
  • Correctly recovers files deleted in Windows NT, 2000, XP (FAT32)
  • Original algorithm for recovering deleted folders in Windows NT, 2000, XP (FAT32)
  • Omit hard disk bad sector to speed up file searching.
  • Office files and photo images preview before registry.
  • Recognize external devices as hard disk partitions
  • Supports IDE/ATA, SATA, SCSI, USB, Fire wire (IEEE1394) Hard Disk and other media such as Floppy disk,
  • USB flash drive, Digital camera, and Digital audio player etc.
  • Dynamic Disk Supported file recovery
  • Hardware RAID supported file recovery

Comparison between the features of the Free, Professional and Enterprise versions:

Supported data storage media:

Any storage that can be recognized by Windows is compatible with iCare Data Recovery.

The list includes a lot of storage media types. The program supports recovery from hard disk, external hard disk, USB disk, memory card (sd card, flash card, cf card, xd card, etc.), zip disc, digital camera, sony memory stick, Floppy disc, smart phone, iPhone, iTouch, BlackBerry, iTune, iPod

iCare Data Recovery Software recovers:

  • Files and Folders deleted from the Recycle Bin.
  • Common folders such as My Documents, My Pictures and other.
  • Photos deleted from digital cameras.
  • Files and folders deleted from the command line.
  • Files after virus or worm attack.
  • Damaged disks (disks with bad sectors).
  • Recover files from lost partition
  • Restore files from formatted partition, formatted memory card, formatted external drive, formatted pen
  • drive, and formatted USB drive…
  • Restore files deleted by SHIFT+DELETE
    Restore files when disk drives, memory card not detected by PC

For the full list of data loss and supported file formats, visit the website here:


Recovery and Restore of Lost Files (deep scan recovery method):

It is important to stop writing data to the drive holding the lost data (the subject drive). New data may permanently overwrite the lost data. The procedures are more difficult for a boot drive. The process of lost files recovery is very easy. First of all, you have to select the scan type you will use, the commonest one used is the deep scan mode. Other modes include deleted file recovery and lost partition recovery. Then select the drive that you lost your data to start data scanning. Then you need to wait for scanning process to finish. The time needed differ according to the amount of data and the drive. If you are restoring from a hard drive of 500 Gb, it will take one hour. After this process is finished you will see a list of the files to be recovered. Some file types can be previewed such as photos, word and excel files. The photos will be restored in a good condition if you are able to preview before restore. Last step you select the files you want to recover and click next to start recovery. That’s all!

Lost Partition Recovery:

The first tab of the software is the disk and partition recovery module. This tab is very useful for you. Many users depend on this built in tool when a partition is deleted and can’t be detected by your PC.

 Compared to the other tools in the application which offer more specific file recovery, this option is different. It is s is a general purpose recovery module that covers most items.

 After launching the program simply click on “lost partition recovery” tab. You will see a list of available disks to recover from. You can also continue a previous recovery. 

Your hard drives will likely be represented differently than the ones in this list. You will find details of these drives including type, size, type of partition. 

If you cannot find the drive in the presented list, you have to be sure that it is connected properly. If still not available, you need to update the disk or USB drivers. 

Select the volume or drive you want from the list then click “Continue”, the program will start to scan the drive. The time required for the task to be completed is variable, it may take short or long time depending on some factors such as the size and type of media. 

If there is a problem with your media or severly corrupted, you find the no progress and the time keep going on with no actual progress. In this situation simply cancel the scan by clicking “Cancel Button”.  After you cancel, the program may have alaready found some of your lost files which will be presented to you as a list. 

It is important to avoid cancelling the scan process as it reduces the chance of recovery. 

Deleted File Recovery:

The program helps you to recover deleted files from the recycle bin after you emptied it. The files may have been deleted by mistake. It is advised not to download or save data on the storage media that contain the file deleted.

Program Options:

The program has options to specify the maximum file size to be recovered. Also the types of files to be recovered can be specified here.  


Recover your lost or deleted files

Recover lost drive or volume

Supports most storage media

Supports a lot of file formats

Easy to use program interface

And many more

Cons: None


The program is very important for you as it helps to recover lost files whether accidentally deleted or formatted drive or crashed PC. You don’t have to worry about complete loss of your important files and documents. It is real save in emergency situations

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