[Promo2day.com Exclusive] Handy backup Professional 7

Hello to all members,

Every day we use and update our PC and we keep many important data in it.

1. we all know this AV protection is not satisfied us.

2. What you can do if crypto virus enter in your PC ? You want to pay or will format in both of action you will lose your money or data.

3. Your Hdd crashed your buy new Hdd but what about your data ?

I would like to say i have better solution for all these issues.

I would like to say thanks to Handy Backup for sponsoring these licenses to us.

Handy Backup Professional is very reliable and light backup software for your PC,

Handy Backup™ Professional is a speedy, effective and comprehensible utility capable for backing up data from personal computers including home, office and business-level workstations. It is designed for users who need to back up not only files, but also pro-level data such as databases, websites or entire system images.


Key Features of the Solution


Handy Backup Professional provides some options highly required for experts and advanced users.


System Backup and Recovery


The Professional edition can save an image of any drive as a VHD file. Users can restore this image later (including the possibility of creating a bootable device), or attach this VHD file as a virtual drive and browse its content, or even run it as a complete image of a VirtualBox machine.


Backup for ODBC Databases


The Database tool included in the Pro edition allows saving and restoring the information from any database type existed, SQL or non-SQL, using an appropriate ODBC driver. This feature can be useful for backing up workstation-level applications containing built-in databases.


Secured Server Connections


In the Professional edition, not only FTP servers are supported but also the protected FTP exchanging protocols, SFTP and FTPS. These features allow connecting with any type of FTP servers, for backing up such an information as website static content and secured FTP data.

Giveaway Details:

Duration of giveaway = 10 days

Number of licenses = 5

validity of each license = lifetime for Version 7.x.x.

value of each license = $99.00



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