Audials Music Tube 2019 free for 72 hours

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The Windows software makes it possible to browse all music on YouTube, sorted by genres, artists and albums, and to connect it with your own music collection. 


Save the highest quality 
Each video from YouTube can now be saved as a video file or audio track using Audials Music Tube. Lyrics and ID3 tags are added automatically.

The Audials Turbo! 
Audials Music Tube searches YouTube to deliver the highest quality music to you, legally and at lightning speed! Singles, albums or the complete discographies of your stars can be obtained. 

Automatically the weekly music charts 
Audials delivers the latest charts every week: Rock, Pop, Music Video, Dance, US Single, 80s or the US Music Video Charts. Listen to each song or download it in seconds. This also works for several songs or even the entire list. 

Download music & music videos 
Audials Music Tube searches YouTube for the music of your stars. The hits are clearly grouped by music albums so that you can comfortably listen to the desired title or save it immediately as MP3. You can also “link” your favorite music to the playlist, so your collection can grow in thousands of songs as fast as never before! 

Music from all genres 
Tell Audials your favorite genre, e.g. Heavy Metal and you get a lot of artists and bands that can be assigned to this genre, listed clearly and you can go through the entire discography of each musician, play all and download individual pieces of music or all at once. In a few minutes you will get a lot of new music from Audials. 

Discover the music universe 
Through the unique “Music Zoom”, a map of all music genres with millions of pieces of music created using artificial intelligence, you have an incredible amount of hits at your disposal. By zooming in you will discover more and more music styles and artists. An incredible trip into the world of music! 

Take your music with you 
In addition, Audials Music Tube offers a copy mode, e.g. to transfer music to your smartphone or tablet. 

Thanks to Julia Robin from the German-based press agency BOHMerang PR, we are able to give Audials Music Tube 2019 Free for 72 hours to all our forum readers. Just download and activate the program with the info shown in the txtfile below.


Giveaway available from May 11, 2019 – May 14, 2019

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