[Exclusive] WinPatrol WAR (3 Lifetime Licenses with Upgrades)


Blocks Ransomware, Malware, Phishing Attack Programs and Zero-Day Threats!

WinAntiRansom uses a combination of Whitelisting, artificial intelligence algorithms and definitions in a layered solution that protects your computer and your data from all known Ransomware and many kinds of Malware and Spyware. Plus gives you the ability to block any program you want from even running.



System Requirements:

•Operating System: Windows XP SP3 through Windows 10
•Disk Space: Nominal, less than 250 MB
•.NET 4.0 Framework or greater required.
•Windows 10 compatible

Current version: 2016.12.626

Release date: December 14th, 2016

Size: 37 Mb

Free Trial: 14 days




The program offers four layers of protection:



WinAntiRansom DOES NOT provide any protection when run unregistered


The most effective AntiRansom product on the market
AntiMalware, AntiRansomware and Zero-Day threat protection that really works!
Regular updates
Fast, Efficient and Effective
Offers 4 Layers of Protection
Hands-on support when required, including remote sessions if needed
Amazingly easy to use
No confusing configuration required
WinAntiRansom keeps your photos, music, documents, spreadsheets, pdfs and more safe and secure
Powered by our Artificial Intelligence engine,

What is NEW?

•Add a Dashboard showing real time statistics. ◦Number of Programs discovered, whitelisted programs, programs in quarantine.
◦Number of PreEmptive, SafeZone, Network and Protected Registry actions for the day
◦The most recent program detected on your computer.
◦The full path the program most recently blocked program.

•Ability to enable/disable protection right from the Dashboard.
•Improved Program Discovery.
•Updated Artificial Intelligence Engine, improving detections and reducing false positives.

Layered Security Protection:

This is considered by experts the best type of protection


I would like to THANK WinPatrol Team for sponsoring this giveaway EXCLUSIVE for promo2day users

Giveaway Details:

1. The Giveaway Competition is Gleam Competition and present on our Blog HERE

2. Giveaway Duration: 3 Weeks

3. Number of Licenses: 3

4. Validity of Each License: Lifetime with upgrades

5. Value of each License: $69.95

Giveaway Rules:

1. You MUST enter the Giveaway through the Gleam widget present in the blog post here

2. The more entries you have, the more chances to win.

3. Some options give you daily entries.

4. Reply here on this forum topic HERE is OPTIONAL and offers you EXTRA entries for more chances to win.

5. Winners will be chosen randomly via gleam widget.

6. Make sure you use a valid email when entering giveaway. You will be notified using this email if you win.


Any type of invalid entries or incomplete actions can be easily found and your won will be void if the action is invalid

Double entries per IP address can be easily detected

The giveaway is OPEN for anyone to enter even if not registered here, so feel free to invite your friends

Good Luck for all!

WinPatrol WAR (3 Lifetime Licenses)

If you don’t win, No problem, we are pleased to announce an additional 50% off in your cart discount on all lifetime licenses valid till 15 March, 2017

Use promo code : Promo2Day

The discount is valid when purchase is done using credit card not paypal or use credit debit button in paypal


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