Actual Multiple Monitors Review & Giveaway

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In today’s technology landscape, people are either using a very wide aspect ratio monitor/TV and/or multiple monitors for their gaming/media needs. In the operating systems, prior to Windows 10, built in support for more than one display was spotty at best. Even with better support for multiple monitors found in Windows 10, it has limited functionality. Thankfully, a better solution has arisen from Actual Tools and the program, Actual Multiple Monitors 8.92.

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As a user of Windows 10, and having two monitors, I have used the built–in functionality for multiple monitors, and it works well. One thing that I did not know, though, is that the Clock, Recycle Bin, and System Tray only shows on the Primary (Main) Monitor, instead of the secondary and/or tertiary monitors. Actual Multiple Monitors does fix this issue, and while I did not miss them on the vanilla OS version, this additional tweak is a welcome addition. Being able to see them on my secondary monitor (which I use for either watching media, web searching, or graphic design tools), is saving me productivity effort, and gives me a quick glance at the time, search functionality, or emptying the Recycle Bin.

Many times, I have had a stuck program or two in my time, so I have had to use the Task Switcher to close out these programs and looping processes. If that happens, when I am on one monitor, and working with the second display, I used to have move back to my primary display, initialize the Task Switcher, close out the problem, then go back to my work on the second display. Now with this program, I can just access this window from whatever display that I am working one, clear up any issue, and keep on working, from that point forward.

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I have always found that they way Windows handles icons and desktop layouts to be lacking. This is acerbated by having multiple monitors and various resolutions and aspect ratios. In my case, I have a 1080P and 16:9 ratio (primary monitor/TV), and a secondary monitor that is 1280 x 768 and 4:3 ratio. When I change the monitor assignment (which is primary or secondary) and their associated resolutions, it scrambles the order and their layout. Now Actual Multiple Monitors can create a profile, which saves the layout, size, relative size, and color depth of your icons that can make sure that no matter if you change the resolution, aspect ratio or other icon settings, they will stay grouped the way you want them to be.

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If you are like me, you still love a nice screensaver on your system. The necessity of using them has lessened over the years, though they would be a nice preventative, if you are still using a display/TV that uses plasma as its illumination source. In any manner, it is nice to have a high-quality, 3D screensaver to run, when your system is inactive. On basic Windows, I have not seen an option to span my screensaver, but I can now do this with this program, so now I can see my great screensaver on both of my screens or even choose different ones for each one. This is a nice, neat feature to have available to me, and should have been included in the OS, but now worries as Actual Tools has you covered.

I could highlight other features, but the bottom line is that you need this program to augment the features of Windows, and the lower the version (XP, Vista, Windows 7); the more important it is to have this program. The cost is $24.95 USD, and well worth the cost of the program. You can try it out, with a time-limited demo, and see for yourself. I know that if you try it, you will want it in your system’s tweak arsenal. Once used, you will not want to go back! Until next time, keep on techin’ . . .

Review by: Condor-Wingman


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